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Community Learning Model (CLM) Training Materials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CLM

Look here for answers to 14 commonly asked questions.


Overview Training of CLM

This set of slides presents an overview of the CLM. This presentation offers a complete briefing of the major initiatives visually depicted in the CLM. View the speaker notes for detailed statistics and challenge questions.

CLM Overview (PPT) | CLM Overview (PDF)

Leader's Guide to CLM

Read an expanded version of the overview training, with key talking points for each of VA's major initiatives.

Leader's Guide (DOC) | Leader's Guide (PDF)

Challenge Cards

Developed for small group discussion, these 35 challenge cards help spark conversation on the story behind each picture in the CLM.

Challenge Cards (DOC) | Challenge Cards (PDF)

Facilitator Guide for Challenge Cards

Lead small group discussions on the initiatives illustrated in the CLM.

Facilitator Guide for Challenge Cards (PPT) | Facilitator Guide for Challenge Cards (PDF)

Contact CLM Staff

We want to hear from you! Which CLM materials did you visit? What did you learn? How can we spread the word about the CLM?

Tell us what you think of the CLM.