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VALU Transition

Change is coming!

VA Learning University was realigned as of January 9, 2017. This means the products and services normally housed in VALU are now found in different organizations through VA.

The Learning Infrastructure Team has transitioned to the Office of Enterprise Shared Services (OESS). If you are seeking the e-Learning Digest, this newsletter will resume release under OESS in the near future. For more information, contact the e-Learning Content Manager.


What does this mean?

With the termination of HCIP, HR&A partnered with Administrations and staff offices to develop a solution to preserve critical human capital capabilities needed enterprise-wide in FY 2017 and beyond. The solution includes terminating some activities and realigning other HR&A services, functions, FTEs, costs and obligations to VA organizations in order to achieve efficiencies and cost savings.


Where Can I Find More Information about Programs, Products, and Services?

The Transition Team has developed a detailed listing of products and services formerly provided by HR&A and VALU. 

This site additionally identifies the organizations and points of contact that have assumed responsibility for theses products going forward.