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Employee Competencies Training Opportunities - November 2015

Employee Competencies Training Opportunities 
Starting in November

The employee competencies define what every VA employee needs to know and be able to do to contribute to the overall mission of VA while upholding the I CARE values.

These courses begin in November, so sign up today!

Courses are comprised of multiple sessions; you MUST sign up for all sessions within a course to receive your course completion certificate.

View the VALU-sponsored Virtual Instructor Led Trainings calendar to find the sessions that best fit with your schedule. Note: You must have access to VA’s network to view the calendar.


Instructions For Signing Up

  1. Click on the name of the class below. This will direct you to the main sign-in page of the Talent Management System (TMS).
  1. Log into TMS with your User Name and Password.
  2. The next screen you will see is the “Curricula” for the course.
  3. Click the button that says “Self Assign Curriculum” (located on the bottom right).
  4. The next screen will show you all the items (e.g., prescreens, self-assessments, etc.) you may start immediately. Begin with the first one listed.
  5. Once completed, go back to your To Do List and pick the MODULE in the sequence (Note: All MODULES must be completed in the same prescribed timeline).
  6. Select MODULE 1, and add it to your learning plan.
  7. After you finish MODULE 1, you will be able to proceed to MODULE

November Courses

Advanced Decision Making and Problem Solving. This advanced course offers an opportunity to examine the appropriate use of groups, the ethical dilemmas that can exist in satisfying a myriad of stakeholders, and pitfalls and decision-making traps common to groups. You will apply these group management skills as you practice impact analysis. This advanced decision-enhancing tool allows stakeholders to research the implications of a policy change, emerging trend, innovation, or event that has or might occur in a quick, inexpensive, and comprehensive way.

  • Number of Sessions: 4 VILT sessions
  • Duration: 8.5 hours total
  • TMS Curricula #: OHRA-033

Balancing Requirements: Project Management at VA. This course is part of the organizational stewardship learning program. It is a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) course that is approximately 14 hours long. This advanced-level course is based on current industry best practices, and takes participants through the development, execution, and controlling of project schedules and the requisite planning elements.

  • Number of Sessions: 5 VILT sessions
  • Duration: 13.5 hours total
  • TMS Curricula #: OHRA-021

Building Positive Work Relationships. Research has shown that the ability to build and maintain caring, humane, and healthy working relationships is related to successful job performance and effective leadership. This course addresses the building blocks of such working relationships. This course encourages civility in the workplace by helping participants learn how to develop courteous and respectful behaviors, form effective working relationships, and set others at ease by creating open dialogue, even in difficult situations. We discuss the benefits of showing empathy in the workplace; how to recognize conflict and employ strengths for dealing with it; and how trust, communication, and honest feedback help to maintain relationships.

  • Number of Sessions: 1 WBT course and 5 VILT sessions
  • Duration: 11.5 hours total
  • TMS Curricula #: OHRA-045

Understanding Customer Service. This foundational-level course, part of the Veteran and Customer Focus (VCF) Learning Program, is designed to equip VA employees with the tools they need to deliver world-class customer service. Participants learn how to build relationships with all VA stakeholders to ensure VA’s mission and goals are clearly communicated and met. This course provides an overview of what customer service means within VA and how a service provider can create positive customer service experiences, whether face-to-face, on the phone, or via e-mail. Applying VA-specific scenarios and interactive activities, participants use problem-solving techniques to apply practical and professional solutions to resolving customer service problems, work successfully with VA stakeholders, and take a proactive role in promoting excellence in Veteran customer service.

  • Number of Sessions: 3 VILT sessions
  • Duration: 6.5 hours total
  • TMS Curricula #: OHRA-027


If you have any questions, please contact 

In the event a course you registered for is canceled, you will be notified via e-mail.