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Supervisors & Managers

The following learning and development programs are tailored to VA employees who serve as supervisors and managers.

  • Books 24x7

    Books24x7 has moved!

    For information on Books24x7 please visit the 24x7 Learning tab within this site.

  • Change Certificate for Supervisors & Managers (5 days)

    "Leading Change Initiatives" is a course at VA. It helps supervisors and managers lead change on teams. Explore team and personal change. In an interactive class, you will plan a change on your team.  You can make it happen as soon as you return to work.  

  • Community Learning Model (CLM)

    Whether you have worked at VA for 2 months or 20 years, this multimedia course is for you. 

    Learn the history of VA in a game. Read stories. Hear interviews. Watch videos. Learn about ground-breaking research. 

    Go on a historical journey to:

    • Serve Veterans better.
    • Think about future challenges.
    • Learn why change matters to the mission at VA.
    • Learn how your work moves change forward.

    Team with other VA employees, and let the VA avatars guide you. Learn how your daily choices can make VA more people-centric, results-oriented, and forward-thinking.

  • Corporate Employee Development Board (CEDT)

    The CEDT is one of VA’s leadership initiatives offered to high-potential, high-performing GS 13 – 15s and Title 38 equivalent employees to create a diverse pipeline of well-trained leaders. The program equips leaders to handle the challenges and ever-changing environments that Veterans face on a daily basis.

    The CEDT’s objective is to identify and nominate the best qualified employees from across VA to attend prescribed high-impact training and professional development programs/opportunities. The CEDT aims to develop a broad cadre of leaders who can help drive change, inform, shape strategic planning, and integrate policy at VA. These programs generally require significant time and financial investment, and have limited allocations.

    Contact the CEDT Team for more information on all CEDT Leadership development programs.

  • Courses to Understand Veterans (Veterans Advocacy & Awareness e-Learning)

    The Veterans Advocacy and Awareness e-Learning modules are web-based, self-paced and interactive courses that help us better understand the Veterans we serve.

    Military Cultural Awareness

    This course provides a common foundation for all VA employees. It gives an overview of common military culture and courtesies, roles and ranks, and branch differences. It also discusses conflicts in which Veterans have served to help VA employees better serve the needs of Veterans and their families.

    Launch Course on TMS

    Connecting with Veterans 

    This course introduces VA employees to best practices for interacting with Veterans. Lessons use Veterans’ stories and interactive instruction. Learn about VA’s administration, best practices, historical context, and common medical conditions for Veterans.

    Launch Course on TMS

    Serving Women Veterans


    Women Veterans are one of the fastest-growing groups of Veterans. In the Serving Women Veterans course, hear the stories of women Veterans, who served in conflicts from WWII to modern day, and learn how their experiences impact what they need from VA.


    After completing Serving Women Veterans, you will be able to direct women Veterans to available VA benefits and services.

    Launch Course on TMS

  • Credits for Reviewing a Tutorial

    Are you interested in getting credits for a review of a web tutorial?

    Here are the steps:

    1. Take any tutorial that is located on the TMS Resources page.

    2. Type detailed notes. Tell us was helpful, what was not, and how the tutorial could be improved in the future.  Feel free to include screen shots.

    3. Credit is granted on the honor system. Once you review a tutorial, contact your supervisor or local training managment staff. Provide your feedback and how long you spent on the review.
  • Leadership Infusion

    The “Leadership Infusion Training” program provides various training opportunities for VA leaders and managers through Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  One effort is “seats” in training programs offered by OPM catalogue such as the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) handle by VALU.  A second effort is training courses regionally delivered across the VA under OPM’s VA customized face-to-face “Mini Roadshows” program.  An additional effort under this program is the delivery ability of open enrollment training/customize training instances such as Senior Executive Assessment Program and SES Orientation Briefing. 


    Program Manager - Rhonda Carter


  • Leadership VA (LVA), GS 13-15

    LVA develops high-performing, results-oriented leaders (GS-13, GS-14, GS-15 and Title 38 Equivalents) who are prepared to meet the needs of a diverse population of Veterans, family members, survivors, employees, and stakeholders. LVA Fellows collaborate across VA to build strategic leadership skills and competencies and leave the program prepared to take on executive leadership roles with an enterprise-wide perspective.

    Through a combination of four one-week residential sessions, self-paced intersessions specifically designed to target all of the VA Competencies, and an InnoVAtion Project Symposium briefing to senior leaders, LVA Fellows receive broad exposure to VA strategic leaders and national industry leaders, academic readings, and highly interactive workshops.

    Recognizing that each LVA Fellow brings a unique educational background, professional experience, and personal history to the program, LVA is uniquely designed to address and incorporate individual differences and strengths. The program draws upon active engagement, self-assessment, and personal reflection to not only identify and fill gaps in Fellows’ leadership skills, but to create personal leadership development plans that will guide their leadership journey.

    For more information please visit the LVA Overview  or email the LVA Program Team at

    The LVA 2016 Fellows roster is now available.

  • Mandatory Training

    All VA employees are required to take the following courses. 

    VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness

    This course fulfills the mandatory annual awareness training required by law for all VA employees. It contains annual security information and general privacy training. Certificates of completion apply to the Information Security and Privacy Awareness requirements and the Rules of Behavior. 

    Prevention of Workplace Harassment

    The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation (NO FEAR) Act of 2002 requires that all Federal employees receive training on their rights and responsibilities in the areas of equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination and whistleblower protections. In our effort to cultivate a fair, diverse, harassment-free work environment, we have combined previously separate mandatory training courses into one single course.

    Annual Government Ethics Training

    Completion of this course satisfies the annual government ethics training requirement for: (1) All VA employees, as mandated by the VA Chief of Staff on February 15, 2013; (2) Confidential Financial Disclosure (OGE-450) filers, as required by the Executive Branch Standards of Conduct; (3) New employees, as required by the Executive Branch Standards of Conduct. It also satisfies the ethics training requirement for employees involved in the planning and implementation of conferences as mandated by the VA Chief of Staff on September 26, 2012.

    EEO, Diversity, and Conflict Management Training for Managers and Supervisors

    This online course provides managers and supervisors with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet their legal obligations and supervisory responsibilities in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Reasonable Accommodation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Conflict Management. Educating our SES, Title 38, managers and supervisors in these areas is key to making VA a fair, diverse, and inclusive organization for the 21st century.

    Whistleblower Rights and Protection & Prohibited Personnel Practices Training 

    This online PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation provides Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) senior executives, managers, and supervisors with the awareness and knowledge necessary to meet their legal obligations and supervisory responsibilities under the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) of 1989 and Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) of 2012. The Presentation describes the mission and responsibilities of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and Office of Special Counsel (OSC), and Federal employees’ rights, remedies, and responsibilities as related to Merit System Principles, Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP), and whistleblowing.

    Other Mandatory Training

    Individual administrations also have their own mandatory training. To find out what other courses you are required to take, contact your local TMS administrator.

    No TMS Access?  

    For contractors with no TMS access, your VA point of contact can print a PDF version of required courses. PDFs are located under "Related Documents" on TMS. 

  • Profiles in Leadership

    The Profiles in Leadership Certificate Program offers self-paced, web-based curriculum designed in five profiles (Emerging Leader, Team Leader, First-Line Supervisor, Manager and Senior Leaders). The content consists primarily of web-based training and also includes videos, Books 24x7 readings and other experiential activities that will assist you with developing and enhancing your competency level within a particular profile.

    Visit the Profiles in Leadership Overview for more information.


  • Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP)

    The SESCDP is an OPM-approved training program designed to develop a diverse, qualified, certified pool of SES Candidates to lead VA Transformation. The Program is comprised of tools, resources, activities, developmental assignment(s), evaluations, and reflections on learning which, when organized and matched to an individual’s development needs, help prepare the candidate for the Senior Executive Service (SES).  The VA SESCDP is designed to train, develop, and result in OPM certified individuals with the readiness and aspiration to lead the VA and Federal transformation efforts and steward the cross-functional, inter-agency challenges of the future. The program spans over an 18-24 month period and is announced on a bi-annual basis. 

    Contact the SESCDP Team for more information.

  • Supervisor and Management Training

    Supervisor and Manager Training provides competency- aligned supervisory and manager training that is required  by law or OPM mandate. This effort looks to implement the "New Supervisory Essentials" (NSE) Program and help VA Administrations develop an admin-specific follow-on. Additionally, it looks to implement an online refreshner training program for all supervisors and managers that is in accordance with OPM guidelines.


    • New Supervisory Essentials -- This course provides a strong first step toward building supervisory and leadership capabilities that will enable new VA supervisors to improve performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction within their team and the organization.


    • Supervisory Refresher Training -- The purpose of the Supervisor Refresher Training is to meet the OPM requirement for periodic supervisor training as specified in 5 CFR. This program provides training for established supervisors that will enable them to improve performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction within their team and the organization.


  • TMS 2.0 Supervisor Job Aids

  • VA Employee Competencies

    Training at VA promotes the following employee competencies. Click below to view courses available per each month:

    To view all learning opportunities, launch TMS.

  • VA Leadership Competencies