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  • Leadership Infusion

    The “Leadership Infusion Training” program provides various training opportunities for VA leaders and managers through Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  One effort is “seats” in training programs offered by OPM catalogue such as the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) handle by VALU.  A second effort is training courses regionally delivered across the VA under OPM’s VA customized face-to-face “Mini Roadshows” program.  An additional effort under this program is the delivery ability of open enrollment training/customize training instances such as Senior Executive Assessment Program and SES Orientation Briefing. 


    Program Manager - Rhonda Carter


  • Leadership VA (LVA), GS 13-15

    LVA develops high-performing, results-oriented leaders (GS-13, GS-14, GS-15 and Title 38 Equivalents) who are prepared to meet the needs of a diverse population of Veterans, family members, survivors, employees, and stakeholders. LVA Fellows collaborate across VA to build strategic leadership skills and competencies and leave the program prepared to take on executive leadership roles with an enterprise-wide perspective.

    Through a combination of four one-week residential sessions, self-paced intersessions specifically designed to target all of the VA Competencies, and an InnoVAtion Project Symposium briefing to senior leaders, LVA Fellows receive broad exposure to VA strategic leaders and national industry leaders, academic readings, and highly interactive workshops.

    Recognizing that each LVA Fellow brings a unique educational background, professional experience, and personal history to the program, LVA is uniquely designed to address and incorporate individual differences and strengths. The program draws upon active engagement, self-assessment, and personal reflection to not only identify and fill gaps in Fellows’ leadership skills, but to create personal leadership development plans that will guide their leadership journey.

    For more information please visit the LVA Overview  or email the LVA Program Team at

    The LVA 2016 Fellows roster is now available.

  • Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP)

    The SESCDP is an OPM-approved training program designed to develop a diverse, qualified, certified pool of SES Candidates to lead VA Transformation. The Program is comprised of tools, resources, activities, developmental assignment(s), evaluations, and reflections on learning which, when organized and matched to an individual’s development needs, help prepare the candidate for the Senior Executive Service (SES).  The VA SESCDP is designed to train, develop, and result in OPM certified individuals with the readiness and aspiration to lead the VA and Federal transformation efforts and steward the cross-functional, inter-agency challenges of the future. The program spans over an 18-24 month period and is announced on a bi-annual basis. 

    Contact the SESCDP Team for more information.

  • Skillsoft Courses


    Skillsoft course catalogs and other information  can now be accessed on the 24x7 Learning Tab of this website.

    Important Information from Skillsoft:

    Dear Valued Skillsoft Customer,

     We wanted to make you aware of new behavior users may be experiencing since the latest Oracle Java JRE updates.  After upgrading to JRE versions 1.7.0_55 or 1.8.0_05, users may be seeing the following additional warning message when launching some Java applets:

     This message is due to a change that Oracle made to the Java security model.  The user must click Allow, or the applet will be unable to communicate.  Additionally, the user may click the Do not show this again for this app and web site checkbox in order to suppress the message on future applet launches.

     The caller-allowable-codebase attribute was introduced in an earlier version of JRE 1.7.0 and it allows an applet to specify what domains are allowed to communicate with it.  Because our applets may be installed in either Skillsoft-hosted environments or customer/partner-hosted environments, we are unable to specify an explicit list of domains that are allowed to launch our applets.  Therefore, we specify the wildcard (*) so that the Player is allowed to communicate with any domain it is launched from.  Until JRE 1.7.0_51, this worked fine.  However, as of JRE 1.7.0_55 and JRE 1.8.0_05, Java will now prompt the user if an applet attempts to allow wildcard (*) as the value for the caller-allowable-codebase attribute. 

     Despite our best efforts to test with a pre-release version JRE 1.7.0_60, this new behavior was not discovered until the production versions of the JRE was released.  This behavior was also not present in the initial release of JRE 1.8, but was introduced with the latest 1.8.0_05 release.

     Skillsoft is investigating ways that we might suppress this additional prompt, but in the meantime, users will be required to click Allow in order for the applet to launch successfully. 

     We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may be causing to your users or your organization.


    Skillsoft Support

    Update to Skillsoft Courses (May 2013)

    In May 2013, an update to all web-based Skillsoft courses in the TMS was deployed. A short post-course evaluation will now be required for each Skillsoft course in order to receive your certificate of completion. These evaluations will gather user feedback to shape future training.

    If you did not complete the evaluation immediately following completion of the content, it will be available through your TMS To-Do list to complete later. You can find these evaluations either by changing your To-Do List view to “Show: Surveys” or by looking for the evaluation by title. Once you complete the short survey, the TMS will be updated with your certificate of completion.

    You will need to restart any Skillsoft course that was not completed before May 20.

  • Supervisor and Management Training

    Supervisor and Manager Training provides competency- aligned supervisory and manager training that is required  by law or OPM mandate. This effort looks to implement the "New Supervisory Essentials" (NSE) Program and help VA Administrations develop an admin-specific follow-on. Additionally, it looks to implement an online refreshner training program for all supervisors and managers that is in accordance with OPM guidelines.


    • New Supervisory Essentials -- This course provides a strong first step toward building supervisory and leadership capabilities that will enable new VA supervisors to improve performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction within their team and the organization.


    • Supervisory Refresher Training -- The purpose of the Supervisor Refresher Training is to meet the OPM requirement for periodic supervisor training as specified in 5 CFR. This program provides training for established supervisors that will enable them to improve performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction within their team and the organization.