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Entry Level Staff

The following resources are leadership development options for VA employees who want to strengthen their skills in leading oneself or projects in the VA workplace, or who aspire one day to serve as a supervisor.

  • Graduate Healthcare Administration Training Program (GHATP)

    GHATP is a 12-month training program that prepares qualified VHA employees, interns, and recent graduates for successful health care management careers in VHA.  This intensive training program is for GS 7-11 candidates with education or experience in healthcare administration both within and external to VA.  Candidates interact closely with health care administrators in VA facilities, developing core competencies and gaining knowledge through challenging assignments and hands-on experience.

  • Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, and Development (LEAD)

    LEAD is a leadership development training program hosted by local VHA medical centers and networks (VISNs) for their VHA employees.  Through LEAD, participants are introduced to healthcare leadership and teamwork concepts using classroom instruction and practical exercises that are aligned with Federal/VA leadership competencies.  Facility LEAD programs are designed for GS 5-12 and T38 equivalent staff, while VISN LEAD programs for GS 9-14 and T38 equivalent staff.

  • Profiles in Leadership

    PIL is a series of self-tutorial courses available through the VA Talent Management System (TMS).  You can self-register for the course through TMS and receive VA learning credit upon completion.  Once in TMS, go to the “Browse the Catalog” link and enter the PIL course number in the search engine (e.g., OHRA-079).

    Profiles in Leadership: Emerging Leader (OHRA-079): This curriculum provides Emerging Leaders with an introduction to the knowledge and skills required to manage oneself, and prepare to plan, coordinate, and perform as a Team Leader.  An Emerging Leader embodies the attitudes necessary to be proactive and offer outstanding service to America’s Veterans.  

    Profiles in Leadership: Team Leader (OHRA-084): This curriculum provides Team Leaders with effective techniques and skills to plan, coordinate, and monitor the work of a team.

  • Technical Career Field (TCF)

    TCF is a two-year, national workforce development program within VHA designed to prepare technical staff for critical occupations (e.g., HR, engineering, contracting, etc.). TCF crosses 13 career field specializations and entry into TCF is determined annually based on VHA succession needs and budget.  TCF trainees receive paid salary/benefits and a yearly training/travel allotment during the training program. TCF equips professionals with the specialized knowledge they need to support VHA’s delivery of quality care.

  • Virtual Aspiring Leaders Program (vALP)

    vALP is a VA-wide leadership development program for emerging leaders and team leads across the VA system (GS 9-13, Wage Grade, and T38 equivalents).  Its purpose is to enhance the leadership skills of highly-motivated VA employees and prepare them for leadership roles within VA.  The training exposes participants to fundamental concepts of the leadership dynamic, beginning with the role of leaders, the role of followers, situational influences, and principles of ethical leadership.  It is designed to increase leadership development access to geographically dispersed employees through remote/virtual learning. This program requires application/selection with a class of approximately 200 VA employees per year.