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Change at VA

Learn to inspire and lead change with training for individual VA employees at all levels, as well as entire organizations.

  • Change Academy (CA): training for a group or organization

    The organizational Change Academy (CA) is an initiative that brings together an entire facility or department to open dialogue and identify solutions to important organizational needs. It facilitates the engagement of people from all professional backgrounds and skill levels and is proven to help leaders establish a common language and approach to addressing organizational change. The CA is customized to the needs of the organization, creating a program that fills knowledge gaps and empowers staff to find innovative solutions, no matter their position title or their professional environment. This customization is based on the goals, objectives and desired outcomes of the facility or organization, and includes alignment to transformational initiatives and administration priorities. The total estimated cost is $95,000 for two days of training delivery at a 3-day conference for 80 participants.


    To plan a change academy for your organization, email

  • Change Certificate for Entry Level Staff and Non-Managers (2 days)

    Are you new to VA?  Are you starting your career?  Are you in a job with lots of change?  This program is for you.  

    "Recognizing & Contributing to Change Initiatives" is a new program at VA. It helps you you understand change.  You will learn how to adapt quickly in your own work. 

  • Change Certificate for Supervisors & Managers (5 days)

    "Leading Change Initiatives" is a course at VA. It helps supervisors and managers lead change on teams. Explore team and personal change. In an interactive class, you will plan a change on your team.  You can make it happen as soon as you return to work.  

  • Community Learning Model (CLM)

    Whether you have worked at VA for 2 months or 20 years, this multimedia course is for you. 

    Learn the history of VA in a game. Read stories. Hear interviews. Watch videos. Learn about ground-breaking research. 

    Go on a historical journey to:

    • Serve Veterans better.
    • Think about future challenges.
    • Learn why change matters to the mission at VA.
    • Learn how your work moves change forward.

    Team with other VA employees, and let the VA avatars guide you. Learn how your daily choices can make VA more people-centric, results-oriented, and forward-thinking.

  • Skillsoft Courses


    Skillsoft course catalogs and other information  can now be accessed on the 24x7 Learning Tab of this website.

    Important Information from Skillsoft:

    Dear Valued Skillsoft Customer,

     We wanted to make you aware of new behavior users may be experiencing since the latest Oracle Java JRE updates.  After upgrading to JRE versions 1.7.0_55 or 1.8.0_05, users may be seeing the following additional warning message when launching some Java applets:

     This message is due to a change that Oracle made to the Java security model.  The user must click Allow, or the applet will be unable to communicate.  Additionally, the user may click the Do not show this again for this app and web site checkbox in order to suppress the message on future applet launches.

     The caller-allowable-codebase attribute was introduced in an earlier version of JRE 1.7.0 and it allows an applet to specify what domains are allowed to communicate with it.  Because our applets may be installed in either Skillsoft-hosted environments or customer/partner-hosted environments, we are unable to specify an explicit list of domains that are allowed to launch our applets.  Therefore, we specify the wildcard (*) so that the Player is allowed to communicate with any domain it is launched from.  Until JRE 1.7.0_51, this worked fine.  However, as of JRE 1.7.0_55 and JRE 1.8.0_05, Java will now prompt the user if an applet attempts to allow wildcard (*) as the value for the caller-allowable-codebase attribute. 

     Despite our best efforts to test with a pre-release version JRE 1.7.0_60, this new behavior was not discovered until the production versions of the JRE was released.  This behavior was also not present in the initial release of JRE 1.8, but was introduced with the latest 1.8.0_05 release.

     Skillsoft is investigating ways that we might suppress this additional prompt, but in the meantime, users will be required to click Allow in order for the applet to launch successfully. 

     We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may be causing to your users or your organization.


    Skillsoft Support

    Update to Skillsoft Courses (May 2013)

    In May 2013, an update to all web-based Skillsoft courses in the TMS was deployed. A short post-course evaluation will now be required for each Skillsoft course in order to receive your certificate of completion. These evaluations will gather user feedback to shape future training.

    If you did not complete the evaluation immediately following completion of the content, it will be available through your TMS To-Do list to complete later. You can find these evaluations either by changing your To-Do List view to “Show: Surveys” or by looking for the evaluation by title. Once you complete the short survey, the TMS will be updated with your certificate of completion.

    You will need to restart any Skillsoft course that was not completed before May 20.