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  • Leadership VA (LVA), GS 13-15

    Washington, D.C. – Congratulations to this year’s graduates of “Leadership VA” (LVA) Course 2012!

    Seventy-six LVA graduates, representing all Department of Veterans Affairs Administrations and Staff Offices, successfully completed a four week residency dedicated to improving their leadership skills.

    The course included vigorous intersession work that developed and targeted the skills needed to face the many challenges facing our Federal Government during the 21st century.

    In support of Secretary Eric Shinseki’s goals of transforming the VA, LVA is an enterprise-wide Leadership Development course that attracts top candidates from all areas of VA.

    Graduates receive professional training that helps to build their networks, increase their leadership skills and prepare for the future.

    LVA is currently celebrating its 35th year as the VA’s premier Leadership Training program.

    To learn more about LVA, contact the LVA Team at


  • Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP)

    OPM-certified program designed to increase the pool of qualified candidates for the Senior Executive Service (SES).
  • Skillsoft Courses

    Full lists of Skillsoft courses:

    Online Certification Matrix for SkillSoft Courses 
    Identifies SkillSoft online certification exams available on VA TMS

    Business Skills SkillSoft Course Catalog 
    Links to the SkillSoft Business Skills online courses available on VA TMS

    Compliance SkillSoft Course Catalog 
    Links to the SkillSoft Compliance - Legal and Environmental, Safety & Health, and Transportation online courses available on VA TMS

    Desktop Skills SkillSoft Course Catalog 
    Links to the SkillSoft Desktop Skills online courses available on VA TMS

    SkillSoft IT Skills SkillSoft Course Catalog 
    Links to the SkillSoft IT Skills online courses available on VA TMS

    New SkillSoft Courses Added
    List of all courses that were added in the previous month to all four of the SkillSoft Catalogs above.

    Removed Skillsoft Courses 
    List of courses being removed and replacement courses.

    Update to Skillsoft Courses (May 2013)

    In May 2013, an update to all web-based Skillsoft courses in the TMS was deployed. A short post-course evaluation will now be required for each Skillsoft course in order to receive your certificate of completion. These evaluations will gather user feedback to shape future training.

    If you did not complete the evaluation immediately following completion of the content, it will be available through your TMS To-Do list to complete later. You can find these evaluations either by changing your To-Do List view to “Show: Surveys” or by looking for the evaluation by title. Once you complete the short survey, the TMS will be updated with your certificate of completion.

    You will need to restart any Skillsoft course that was not completed before May 20.

  • The Institute for Management Excellence (TIME)

    For supervisors and managers with at least 3 years of supervisory experience at VA. Intermediate level training. Develop skills to bring about VA’s mission, especially in times of budget cuts. Learn to use the VA competency model. Produce greater value for Veterans and general public.

    All applications must be submitted electronically to Sabrina Clark at and submitted NO LATER THAN July 18, 2012. NO EXCEPTIONS

    1. Open the PDF application.
    2. The application cannot be saved. We recommend that you draft your answers in MS Word, then copy and paste into the PDF.
    3. Print your completed application. Scan into an electronic file. Send to your supervisor for endorsement.
    4. Ask your supervisor to attach a separate word document, or handwrite the endorsement.
    5. Sign and date your application. Attach the supervisor endorsement if applicable, then email to


    1. All applications will be reviewed by VALU team members, TIME faculty, and Brookings Executive Education officials.
    2. A list of ranked candidates will be sent to each Administration or staff office.
    3. The final roster will be determined. Candidates will be notified no later than Aug 6, 2012.
    4. Travel instructions and program logistics will be sent directly to those selected.